Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Slow couple of weeks at Bald Marys

I know I've been neglecting my blog lately. Apologies all around to the tens of people who visit me:) I woke up this morning, positively spritely despite going to bed at 3:00 a:m last night. But it's right around noon, and my head is droopy. I was at the office kitchen and while on que for the microwave, I was forced to listen to a discussion about food, and eating out, and spending too much money on restaurants for an entire 7 minutes. This one girl said most vegetarian foods were "too ethnic" for her, so she liked this one other restaurant that has "American" vegetarian dishes. Lentil meatloaf. Rolling my eyes in contempt, I stuck in my ethnic food and breathed a sigh of relief when they at last left my universe.


Blogger munkey t. cat said...

mmmmmm microwaved ethnic food, sounds smeeellyyyyy; quit stinkin up the office kitchen sonia..damn

5:33 AM  

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