Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Israel-Lebanon Crisis: Part II

I blogged about this two days ago here.

More shit has hit the fan since then. More people on both sides have died. Some 230 Lebanese have died--most of them civilians, compared to about 24 Israelies (half of whom were civilians).

Moorish Girl has an excellent list of links worth checking out. It's especially useful if you are sick of listening to the CNN/Fox/MSNBC machine.

I want to bring attention to two links in particular--one disturbing, the other not.

One of them shows Israeli children signing off on shells presumably headed off for Lebanon. There's an explanation given for these pictures here. Was the western media as forgiving when they splattered footage of Palestinians rejoicing shortly after 9/11 all over the evening news?

If you are against this war, there's an online petition you can sign. Click here for Save the Lebanese Civilians.

Update 1: More links from Moorish Girl


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