Thursday, October 20, 2005

Is Democracy Fun?

Have you heard of this? There is now a new rash of video games that let's you negotiate peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, get rid of world hunger and spread democracy and goodwill. MTV is holding a contest on a game that allows players to eradicate the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. If as the leader of a volatile nation you make too many concessions, you will risk getting assainated. You can download at least one of those games here (developed by the UN), called Food Force that allows you to strategize and fight world hunger.

Once you get past the pithy self-interest in selling the pain and suffering of millions to priviledged Americans as cool and fun--once that is put aside...what a swell idea! I am picturing Beavis and Butthead snorting, "there's people in Niger dying, man". Actually to be honest, I did almost download Food Force, but I didn't wanna clutter up my laptop. Unless...unless I can put it on my resume...Israeli-Palestine conflict successfully absolved.
I wonder if the game becomes advanced enough, the State Department will use it as a test for incoming policy gods.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please change your damn color...its really hard to read..white on would think is good contrast but no...its not working.


You know who it is...Anonymous for those who don't know me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is demo crazy? is it a glue

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