Saturday, April 08, 2006

I can't stand you

It's difficult to hide the fact that you dislike someone. Not hate, but just this insidious low-grade dislike that pokes through despite your best efforts. It's like love that way. I have disliked people before, obviously. Plenty of them. But the older I get, the less people I interact with on a daily basis that I just can't stand. I have learned to flick them out of my life quickly, swiftly and sometimes gleefully. When I meet these lost souls who have fallen out of favor with me I am able to identify them faster and, we mutually avoid each other to continue our lives happily without the buzzing urge to kill.

Currently there is one such lost soul in my universe. She's actually a pretty normal person most of the time. Even though secretly I believe she is incredibly selfish, childish, continues to say stupid, mindless things that are presented as thoughtful, and has no affection for logic. And I am of the opinion, that I like most people and get along with most without too much effort. So I am valiant in my efforts to like her--I strive so hard that my fake smile begins to hurt, and my neck is creaking a little from bobbing up and down so much by the end of our conversations. Consequently, I am awkward, insincere and humor-less around this person for which I blame this person. It's a vicious cycle, people.


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