Monday, October 24, 2005

Metro Musings

I discovered today that reading on the metro when I am sleep deprived, makes me woozy and ill. So instead I found myself getting deeply engrossed in the conversations around me. Today I counted 7 drowsy and/or sleeping passengers. I am especially entertained by conversations where people talk crap about someone else. People fighting and trying not to is fun too. I went to the Eastern Market today, and stopped off at the Capital Hill books store again. It pleases me to know that the owner has come to recognize me, and often knocks off a couple of bucks from his already cheap books. I scored this beautifully bound critical essays book for 5 bucks. Score:)

I didn't go to bed until close to 5 last night, just couldn't sleep. I wandered around the internet for a while, and tried to read but my eyeballs wouldn't allow it. Last night, we went to this little club in Dupont for a friend's birthday. Last I had been there was on my birthday in the beginning of the year, when my friend, Nalini, was still alive and had joined us despite the fact that she hates bars and smoke. I hadn't thought about her since her grim, deeply sad funeral earlier this summer. Today, there was a walk sponsored by our school for her, to which I had every intention of going, but ultimately didn't.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Brandon said...

Whenever I"m in a big city and riding public transportation, I like to do that to! So many interesting people in the world!

Sorry to hear about your friend.

9:55 AM  

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