Friday, November 18, 2005

The Moon was a small, hard pellet tonight

I walk the earth wobbling between believing the world is miraculously benevolent and that it is really seething with evil sadists and rapists out to steal my identity. I really prefer not to be told of crimes that happen in my neighborhood, and I really don't want to know of any killers who might be loose in the east coast. Walking home alone last night, I came across this homeless dude bent over double his newspaper-stuffed shopping cart in the middle of the street. He was old, and seemed to be in pain. But I skirted around him, and walked on. About a block later, I looked back and he was on the sidewalk, lying on his side with his feet sticking straight out. The part of me that believes the world is a kind place was ashamed. So I walked back, peered at him a little, and asked him if he was alright. He snapped at me. "yeah, i lost my balance." I asked him if I could do anything, call someone or something to which he mumbled,"no, no..there's no number. I just lost my balance." He seemed to want me to help him up, but my brain flashed back to all the stories I hear of strangers asking for help only to end up doing unspeakable things to hapless, foolish victims. I had a clear vision of him throwing cyanide at me (which I know won't kill me). So I walked away, wondering if I should call the Hypothermia number (which by the way is 1-800-535-7252). It was a warm night, but I figured they might be able to give me additional information on any other options I might have. I didn't want to call anyone else who might end up harrassing the guy.

A friend told me the following crazy metro story tonight. Apparently some girl got jumped by these two other females during rush hour inside the subway train car. The two thieves attacked her, and stole her ipod. In a city with almost daily stabbings, theft and congressional proceedings, somebody getting separated from their ipod is not a tragedy. However, what made it tragic was the apparent silence and inaction from all the other passengers in the train. I would like to believe that I would have tripped the thieves, grabbed the ipod bruce lee-style and ran away so I could return it to the girl later.


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