Thursday, February 09, 2006

Metro Etiquettes

Note: Sign pilfered from Joe's blog

The metro was full of assholes today.

At the gallery place junction, during rush hour, this woman getting off, blocked everyone and asked the oncoming crowd, "Is this the right stop? Is this it? Is this Judiciary Square?" It wasn't. She got off. No one stopped her. As the doors swished shut, two teenagers promptly made fun of her.

On my bus ride home, this obnoxious white woman got on, who breathlessly shoved her transfer ticket at the poor driver and started ranting. Hysterical about the fact that she had to wait in the cold for ten extra minutes (*gasp*) while a "perfectly functioning bus drove by without letting anyone on".

The driver was unusually polite at first, told her he was sorry. It wasn't his fault, that some driver drove past her. Someone in the bus pointed this out too, to which she started in on how "his colleague's behavior reflected poorly on him too." and how she "wasn't going to stand for substandard service." Eventually the bus driver lost his patience and yelled at the woman to shut up, and sit down. I almost applauded.


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