Sunday, April 09, 2006

Immigration Reform Re-visited: Update

I laughed for about five minutes when I saw this cartoon this morning. I then forced my poor roommate to read it, and she chuckled politely. lol. Good one...

After weeks of wrangling and griping, the lumbering, finicky giant known as the US congress came to a compromise that actually garnered a semblance of bipartisan support. But yesterday the bill and discussion fell apart again. No resolution was reached. And the legislation was sent back to be re-tooled. Below is a really nice graphic of the compromise reached by the Senate. What was the problem? The democrats were unwilling to hedge on a procedural point regarding the number of amendments being allowed on this bill. Reinforcing the image in my mind of the Democratic Party as sniveling, petty little yes-men who will wield power in the most petty, littlest way possible.

Even if the Senate gets its act together and stops bickering the bill still has to be reconciled with the measure passed by the House last year. I blogged about that horror show here. There’s a rally happening in DC on Monday , April 10th--The National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice. I am going to try and attend. I will post pictures if I do and remember to take my camera. These rallies make me proud, nothing has helped shake up congress more than the force of ordinary people demanding their fair share loudly and in large numbers. What else would explain all the attention the circus show at the hill is getting?

From the Washington Post Article: Senate Pact Offers...


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