Thursday, June 15, 2006

An invention whose time has come...

A device that will allow me to read books while in the bathtub. Somebody invent this.

You don’t even have to give me credit. (Err…wait…unless you make money out of it, then I retract that sentence. I fully expect a personal pile of cold cash.) Currently, I don’t have the money, the knowledge, or the drive to go about doing it myself. I have drawn up rough prototypes of what this might look like. I am open to alternative plans, I suppose.

Possible Tagline: All the comforts of dry ground, without the dry ground.

The idea being that the bather must be able to read a novel in full comfort, without risking wetting the pages in any way. Turning of the pages should be accomplished with minimal hullabaloo.

How does this benefit humankind?

  • It will make reading sexy.
  • Children will be more likely to read and do their homework.
  • People will no longer skip a bath for getting work done
  • Two birds. One stone.

Literate children, increased sexiness and people with higher hygiene standards. It’s practically a recipe for ensuring further propagation of the human race. What more can you ask for?


Blogger munkey t. cat said...

$49.00 -
why not just make waterproof books? they exist too. at about 30% more $$$...

7:39 AM  
Blogger Sony Pony said...

well well well; i guess they did invent must not be very good though; i bet the books keep falling into the tub. I don't understand how they are held open. I bet it doesn't work too good.

Water proof books?? publishing nightmare. who wants sleek books? weirddd

11:45 AM  

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