Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mr. Bennet, here's your ass

I watch the Daily Show almost err...daily. Pretty much. So it's inevitable that there will be moments when I am tired of the whole daily-show shtick. (like their whole take on immigration reform...whatever.) I only really like the first ten minutes or so anyway.

But every now and again, you get to watch something so...delightful. Like this heart-warming moment when a dickwad like Bennett gets his ass handed to him, leaving him blubbering like a cauldron of fool.

Check out this lovely little debate on gay marriages, where Stewart calmly and effortlessly picks apart all of Bennett's weak, party-line, thoughtless nonsensical gargoyle-speak. There is nothing quite as sexy as intelligence hitting it off with funny.

If Stewart ever has on Ann Coulter (the anti-goddess of ugliness, hate and yuckiness), I will *shriek* madly and possibly die because my head exploded.


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