Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Being unreasonable

I got one of those lonely planet, travel books for India today. I know I'm being unreasonable, but did it have to be quite so touristy? In DC, I would watch tourists on the metro with their shiny maps and travel guides, and the part of me that wasn't looming above them--snickering, was wishing I could have a quick peek. So now I have one of my own.

Inexplicably, Joggers Park was one of the recommended movies to watch before heading off to India. There's also a particularly irritating section devoted to female travelers--that has succeeded in making me antsy about cab drivers. But regardless, it looks like it might be useful. It's brimming with information about almost every major city in India.

The closer I come to my departure date, the more rapidly I am forgetting any useful information I used to have about growing up in India. While I don't feel particularly nervous or concerned about my life next month, my sub-conscious is apparently a bit on edge. I had two dreams this week.

On Saturday I dreamt I was no longer Indian. I had turned white and had long red hair. I also had a twin sister. We fought constantly.

And then last night, I dreamt I was denied entry by the Indian custom officials because of my affiliation with Irish terrorists. I was furious and threw my keys at them in a psychotic rage. But then abruptly, I was driving a jeep through Kerala. It was beautiful. In my dream, Kerala looked like those national geographic photographs of Africa. Which is slightly shaming, but I'm over it.


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