Monday, August 28, 2006

Two-more-days dreams

I woke up this morning and had the following, disconcertingly lucid thought--Two more days. It had a vaguely ominous ring. These are my dreams from last night--heavily censored, but the meat of it still intact. 

I tend to dream in small, episodic increments (hence the list)--sometimes relatedmore often not.

  • I am living with my cousin and we are shopping for okra at an outdoors market. I haggle my way to two huge bags of bhindi and green chillis. I take them home, to my refrigerator which is stuffed full of vegetables. Tomatoes are bleeding out to my kitchen floor. I am chewing on raw, glossy eggplants.

  • I am strolling down a hallway that's part of my high school. In fact, I'm back in high school. I'm in Mrs. Levanthal's 6th period, Spanish class and I have just decided to take a break. I am thinking about how much I love walking down emptied hallways & running my fingers over the locker doors. Banging down those little, round sundial locks. Twirling its knobs. Click-click-click.

It's the night's kaleidscope bending the broken, colored pieces of my life into her own floral, dreamy orderliness.  



    Blogger Andy's Life in India said...

    Can't wait to see you in India! This I miss you talking about who you will working with?

    5:15 PM  

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