Saturday, February 11, 2006

Random Thoughts of the Week

  • -Lunch doesn’t have to taste great, but dinner? Dinner must aspire to higher standards. It must sing and simmer. Dance into my soul. Leave me in a satisfied stupor.

  • - I equally hate green salads and most salty snacks. Well…I hate salty snacks a little less.

  • -I don’t like being preached to. Especially when the sermon is about things that I am used to preaching to others about.

  • -At work, there’s a janitor named Jose with whom I used to like practicing my Spanish with. Nothing long, just your basic Hola, Como estas? Gracias por limpiar me oficina. He would, in turn, parrot English words back to me. Good night. Clean? A few weeks ago, he started flirting with me in rapid-fire Spanish. I had to pretend I didn’t understand anything. Awkward. I told him I was married. I might have told him I am married and I have a boyfriend. Maybe several. Now every time he comes to vacuum my cube, I go for a walk.


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