Thursday, April 20, 2006

Falun Gong etc.

I had this whole blog planned in my head this morning about Jose Padilla whose case got punted back from the supreme court recently. It's rage-inducing, sure...but also legally complicated. So I got distracted, and I found the Falun Gong had come to town. They have been demonstrating outside my work these past couple of days. Yesterday I watched them from my office terrace, marching with a full band, banners, and vivid demonstrations of torture by the Chinese government. Chinatown was crazy today. The marchers stomped by in the thickest rush hour traffic, with hundreds of people stopping to stare at the vaguely creepy serenity and orderliness of the Falun Gongers. Occasionally a ketchup-blood splattered lady with duct-tape across her mouth would solemnly hand out leaflets.


Blogger bobby fletcher said...

US government announced finding of its investigation - no evidence of concentration camp:

"Officers and staff from our embassy in Beijing and consulate in Shenyang have visited the area and the specific site mentioned in these reports on two separate occasions," McCormack said.

"In these visits the officers were allowed to tour the entire facility and grounds and found no evidence that the site is being used for any function other than as a normal public hospital."

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