Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Somebody's Got to Look Out for the Blind

Ah the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)…In it’s own meddling, vacuous way, it has once again mindlessly and irrationally flexed its stupid stupid bureacratic muscle. When Michael Moore wanted to hail

...The Road to Guantanomo "a film every American should see.". That quote was slated to run in newspaper ads for the movie, which opens Friday. But the Motion Picture Association of America told distributors they can't use that line: Since the film's rated R, not "every" American can see it...more

The MPAA might as well add " there!" after all of its slimy little indictments. Hateful little children that they are. Do check it out and have a guffaw.

But then again, if they hadn't done this, I would never have found out about what looks to be a fascinating movie that I have heard little about. Check out the preview for "The Road to Guantanomo" here. Watch for Rumsfield's assurance that Guantanamo is humane and consistent with the Geneva Convention "for the most part."



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