Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just another rainy monday

Today was classically yucky.

Woke up late to the relentless pounding of construction outside my bedroom window--I pleaded silently for it to stop before realizing it was pointless anyway, it was time to get up. *Groan*

Still groggy from a strange dream about escaping a dust-storm on a bus, my monday loomed at me high above the start of the week. Grabbing my uselessly tiny umbrella that has an ever-growing hole that drips water on my neck, I splashed through last nights' rain puddles, and watched cursing as my bus sped away. The driver carefully looked away from my frantic waving.

Had tepid bean-broccoli soup for lunch, endured tiresome phone calls, stayed at work too long, bad hair day (my hair frizzes up like a watered chia pet), no dinner cooked, no laundry done.

But then somehow, unexpectedly, I had a lovely walk home.

After being inside the chilly AC weather of my office all day, the humidity felt rich and warm like an overly eager puppy slobbering all over me. On every sidewalk, I hopped on each concrete pond I found, and let the spring coolness of the rain seep into my slippers, cushioning my every step with a loud burpy squirt. My toes wriggled luxuriantly.

Cozy in my room, after my dinner, I am grateful for the rain I hear outside, the thunder trying hard to split the world wide open like a coconut.


Blogger SuperKat said...

Sometimes I think the best evenings come after the most mundane days. I love your description of the humidity!

11:13 PM  
Blogger Sony Pony said...

Thank you:) It always amazes me how I can have the crappiest day, and suddenly one tiny thing will turn it all around, and I'll feel on top of the world. Perhaps a sign of a deeper psychosis? :)

Hope your trips are going wonderfully!

4:26 AM  
Blogger joe said...

But then somehow, unexpectedly, I had a lovely walk home.???

11:51 PM  
Anonymous sony said...

yeah..it was unexpected, the lovely walk on account of the crappy day. What?

12:11 AM  

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